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How To Maintain A Healthy Skin For Your Baby?

Skin is the largest organ of an individual’s body; therefore, it requires the utmost care. Be it an adult or a baby, and all must take care of their skin as much as possible. All our body consumes nutrients from the food we consume, which helps maintain our health. Usage of baby skincare products also promotes healthy and better skin for babies. In addition to this, babies have the reputation of having perfect skin. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. During one year after a baby’s birth, parents find this to be nothing but a myth as the kids’ skin tends to develop blemishes. This is quite common everywhere, and almost all kids develop skin blemishes. Qualitative food and qualitative skin care products are always helpful as they promote better health. 

baby skincare products

Following a proper diet is associated with maintaining good health, but following an appropriate skin care regime will also turn the myth into reality. It will help your baby to have a baby’s soft skin. Below have been provided detailed tips that you can follow. 

Use Sun Protection Cream For Kids: one of the foremost things you should keep in mind is that you must not expose your baby to the sun. Therefore, when you are outside, use sunscreen meant for kids. This will work as a shield to protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays cause cancer and damage skin cells. You can also limit your baby’s timing in the sun, which will be very useful. If your child is under six months, you shouldn’t put on sun cream. Even in winter, use sunscreen. Besides, use a hat for your baby and keep it under shade as much as possible. Dress your baby in loose-fitting apparel and keep him hydrated. 

Sun Protection Cream

Take Care of Dry Skin: There’s a tendency to develop dry skin patches right after a few weeks of birth, which is quite natural. These patches go by themselves and do not require an additional moisturiser. The real tension comes if your baby possesses real dry or cracked skin. You can use petroleum jelly-based products. You should use baby skin care products devoid of perfumes and dyes that irritate kids’ skin. Although natural plant oils like sunflower or coconut oil are used by many, there is evidence that these might develop eczema.


Bathing Practices: you should stick to your bathing practices and give your baby regular baths. Always use a moisturising foam shampoo for kids to wash their hair. The perfume or dye-free shampoo will maintain the scalp, and baby skincare products will not irritate. You can select a variety from Skinpharma

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Apart from this, they use soft wash clothes alongside lukewarm water to wash their hands, body, legs, genitals and face. You should completely dry your baby before putting them into a diaper. 

Umbilical Cord: one thing you must not forget is that you should not forcibly try to get rid of the umbilical cord. Once a baby is at home for 1 to 3 weeks, the umbilical cord shall be there. All you need to do is keep that area clean without pulling the cord as much as possible. It will naturally fall off in 1 to 3 weeks. Don’t rub the area or apply rubbing alcohol or any aid to prevent itching and dryness. Remember to consult a doctor if

  • Swelling
  • Pus
  • 100°F or higher fever
  • A large amount of bleeding

Nail Growth: watch for nail growth. Long nails can cause harm to your baby’s face and body. It’s better to watch the growth of your child’s nails. Weekly, trim or file your child’s nails. Shorten it and smoothen it by using a non-metallic nail file. Cut the nails when your baby is relaxed.

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