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Reasons behind Wrinkles

When it comes to our skin, we need to take the utmost care of it as it is the largest organ of our body. In addition to this, healthy skin always reflects the story of a healthy diet. Despite using numerous cosmetic products on your skin and hair and eating healthy food, you can find that your skin is losing its youthful vivacity, and you can see fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. As we age, wrinkles and fine lines gradually appear on our skin. It is quite a natural part of aging. In addition to this, wrinkles are most prominent on the skin portion exposed to the sun, including hands, face, neck, and forearms.

Although wrinkles can heal, they are an excellent indication of aging. Exposure to the sun is the most significant reason for wrinkles, especially for those who possess light skin. In addition, there are poignant causes like pollutants that cause wrinkles. Smoking is also a potential cause of wrinkles.

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The question might come to your mind: what are the symptoms that lead to wrinkles, or how to understand that your skin is aging? The answer is quite simple. Wrinkles are nothing but creases and lines found in your skin. Some wrinkles are deep crevices easily visible around your eyes, neck, and mouth; others are less visible. But it should always be remembered that wrinkles are common agents of aging. Therefore, if you find lines on your skin and are concerned about your physical appearance, you must consult the dermatologist so they will be able to provide you with such products that will help in personalised skincare. Moreover, a dermatologist can assess your skin and recommend medical treatment for wrinkles.

Some of the reasons behind wrinkles

Several factors combine to form wrinkles on your skin. However, you can always control them and reduce aging lines by using various skin care products and following a skincare plan.


As you get older, the skin loses elasticity and becomes fragile. Therefore, natural oils production becomes lesser, drying up your skin, and it appears to be more wrinkled. Besides, fat in the deeper layers diminishes, causing saggy, loose skin. This makes the lines and creases more prominent.

Exposure to the sun:

The ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun contributes to a speedy aging process, one of the primary causes of early wrinkling. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays simply breaks down the connective tissue of your skin that including the elastin fibres and the collagen that lights in the deeper layer of our dermis or skin.


It is also one of the potential reasons that help in wrinkling. Instead, it is better to mention that smoking simply accelerates the normal aging process and contributes to forming wrinkles on your skin. According to the researchers, this might be the reason for the effects on collagen tissue.

Repeated facial expressions: 

The repeated expression of the face and movements, including smiling and squinting, are the prominent causes that lead to wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, each time you use your facial muscle, a groove is formed beneath your skin surface. As your skin is aging, it is losing its flexibility and can no longer spring back in its previous place. These grooves, therefore, become permanent features on your skin.

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