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Significance Of Foundation In Makeup

The most significant part of any building construction is the foundation of it. The foundation invariably decides the fate of the building over the years. Same way, when it comes to makeup, one of the finest and most essential products besides the mascara and lip balm is the foundation. This facial makeup product is a go-to for beauty beginners and pros alike for a good reason. If you have not been adequately introduced to foundation makeup and wonder, “What is foundation makeup?” You have come to the perfect place. Learn what foundation is, why it is essential to have it in your makeup kit and use various types of foundation makeup.

What Do You Mean By Foundation Makeup?

Foundation cream is one of the cosmetics products used by everyone, irrespective of beginner or professional makeup artist. It will be better to call it a moisturising foundation, as it provides the base for the final makeup and moisturises the overall facial skin. The right formula can conceal blemishes, even skin tone, blur imperfections, and produce a smooth, even canvas. However, there are numerous types of foundation makeup to choose from SkinPharma offers a wide range of online foundation products suitable for every kind of skin. Let us check out the different types of foundations available.

moisturising foundation

Types Of Foundations You Should Be Aware

  • Liquid Foundation

Talking about the types of foundations, the most popular foundation available in the cosmetics market is the liquid foundation, suitable for every skin type. The foundation comes in a liquid or fluid formula covering the entire face and body parts like a shield. The advantage of the liquid foundation lies in its usage, where the consumption is minimum, and it covers the entire face.

The MILD FLUID FOUNDATION SPF 20 by Pharmaceris is one of the best selling products of SkinPharma. The SPF 20 and SPF 50 range offers an extra layer of protection against the harmful rays of the Sun and comes with a UV shield protector.

  • Cream Foundation

If you’re looking for a foundation with a thicker consistency on the skin, the answer is the cream foundation variety. It is an excellent choice for people having dry skin. It not only does the work of foundation but also keeps the skin moist. 

SkinPharma offers a wide range of cream foundations from top makeup brands. You need to visit the site and choose your desired one.

  • Powder Foundation

The cream foundation might not be an excellent option for oily skin people. Therefore, they can shift to the powder foundations. The powder foundation forms a layer of substance and has lighter coverage. Powder foundations are made for people who do not prefer loud makeup.

  • Serum Foundation

Serum foundations are the new trend in the world of makeup. It is a liquid foundation that isn’t your typical liquid foundation. It has a serum in its formula, making it a skincare and cosmetics hybrid.

  • Water-Based Foundation

A water-based foundation may be preferred for those with acne-prone skin. Another liquid foundation alternative, this one, has water as its primary constituent and is often oil-free.

Aspects of Foundation

The first feature of the foundation is coverage, which relates to the amount of pigment present. Highly pigmented formulas provide full coverage, and formulas provide sheer-to-medium coverage with lower pigment percentages.

The formula is the second part of the foundation. Stick, liquid, and cream compositions often range from sheer to opaque. On the other hand, Powder foundations rarely give complete coverage and must be reapplied frequently during the day.


If you spend most of the time outdoors, specialty during the daytime, then the MILD FLUID FOUNDATION SPF 20 by SkinPharma is an excellent option for you.

The final piece of the foundation puzzle has been completed. The most common foundation descriptions include matte, radiant, luminous, natural, etc.

Get all of the different online foundation solutions from your one-stop platform- SkinPharma. The platform offers lab-tested products from top brands like Pharmacies, Dr Irena Eris, and Lirene. Thus, providing consumers with cost-friendly and quality all in one makeup products.

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