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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Skin during summer

Summers take a toll on our skin. The scorching heat humidity pollution simply wipes off your natural glow and sometimes invites infections and rashes. To avoid all these hassles, you should always maintain your skin’s radiation. A wide range of skincare products is readily available on the online shop of SkinPharma. A wide range of skincare products for the body is available on the brand’s online shop. You can quickly grab some moisturising body lotion or sunscreen lotion to protect your skin and maintain it during the month of summer.

Below are a few tips that will help you maintain your skin’s health during this season.


The basic rule of maintaining healthy skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin will help you in shutting off skin cells.  Moreover, it should be remembered that if you get rid of your dead cells, this will simply help you avoid dull and dry skin. It doesn’t matter how much lotion you are applying to your skin, and your skin will never glow if you do not exfoliate.   Therefore you should grab some fabulous body scrubs from the online shop of SkinPharma that will help you remove dead skin from your body and help you receive radiating glow. At least 2 to 3 times a week, you should exfoliate your skin.


Sunscreen Body lotion

You should foremostly limit direct exposure to the sun. Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  The ultraviolet rays released from the sun lead to skin damage.  Therefore, if you are moving outdoors, you should always apply sunscreen lotion at least 20 minutes before leaving your house.  You should always purchase sunscreens with SPF 30 at least.  You can easily find some qualitative sunscreen from the online shop of  SkinPharma. For better results, apply sunscreen at an interval of one to 2 hours in the summer.

Minimalistic makeup:

During the month of summer, try to put on less makeup. When the sun becomes intolerant, it gives the best appearance. Also, try a foundation that contains SPF to avoid patchy skin. You can find some Body care products from the online shop of SkinPharma.

Hydration of your body:

Make water your best friend, and carry a water bottle. Drink water at an interval of 30 minutes for dehydration and the removal of toxins.  In addition to this, you should apply body lotion with SPF content as it will contribute to hydrating your body. Apply body lotion right after taking a shower.

Body Lotion

Take care of your feet:

It is a time when, from the season of boots, you will shift to the season of sandals. But it is to be remembered that you should always pack your feet to avoid tanning or go for a pedicure or give yourself some home remedies to scrub off the dead cells from your feet. In addition, you should always keep a feet scrub along with the file to scrub your feet during the shower.  You will quickly notice that your feet are feeling soft.

Take care of your feet

A wide range of skincare products for the body and some body care products are available on SkinPharma. Simply by visiting their online shop, you can cram some qualitative water care products that will significantly make a difference in your skin and help maintain it during the hot scorching summer.  Their anti-aging products, baby care products, face products, sun care products, hair, and hair and scalp care products are readily available from popular brands like  Pharmaceris, Lirene, and Dr Irena Eris. SkinPharma has turned out to be a familiar name in almost millions of households in the market of Australia and Europe simply with the help of their practical, dermatologically, and highly recommended products that aim at resolving skin problems.

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